Vintage Stereo Equipment From the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond. Vacuum Tube and Solid State. 

Vintage audio equipment repair and restoration information in pictures and words.

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Audio Components

Cassette Tape Decks - Akai GX-9, Luxman K-110, Luxman K-117, Nakamichi Dragon, Nakamichi BX-150, Nakamichi LX-5, Pioneer CT-540, Pioneer CT-F950, Pioneer CT-F1000, Sony TC-RX60ES, Tandberg TCD-310, Yamaha K-700

Compact Disc Players - Carver TLM-3600, Nakamichi 1000MB

Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) Units - Nakamichi 1000P

Digital Audio Tape (DAT) Decks - Fostex D-15

Elcaset Tape Decks - Sony EL-7

Integrated Amplifiers - Kenwood KA-3500, Kenwood KA-5002, Optonica SM-4545, Pioneer A-27, Pioneer SA-8800, Pioneer SA-9800, Rotel RA-610, Sansui AU-9900, Sony TA-F6B, Sony TC-3650, Yamaha CA-2010

Power Amplifiers - Adcom GFA-545, Adcom GFA-5802, Carver M-1.0t, Crown DC 300A, Dynaco 400, Dynaco ST-35, Dynaco ST-70, Harman Kardon Citation 16, Luxman M-300, McIntosh MC 2205, McIntosh MC 2505, McIntosh MC 752, Mitsubishi DA-A10, Mitsubishi DA-M10, Nikko Alpha 440, Onkyo M-504, Phase Linear 400, Pioneer SPEC 2, Sansui BA-5000, SAE 2400, Stromberg Carlson ASR-120, Technics SE-9600P, Yamaha M-70

Preamplifiers - Crown IC 150A, Dynakit PAS-2, Mitsubishi DA-P10, NAD 1240, Phase Linear 3300, Pioneer SPEC 1, Sansui CA-2000, Sony TA-E901

Preamplifier/Tuners - Adcom GTP-400, Mcintosh MX-110, Mcintosh MX-115

Receivers - Bose 551, Carver 6250, Fisher 400, Kenwood Eleven III, Kenwood KR-8050, Lafayette LR-3030A, Lafayette KR-9090, Luxman R-1040, Marantz 2245 , Marantz 2252B , Marantz 2265 , Marantz 2270, Marantz 2385, Marantz 2500, McIntosh MAC 1700, Pioneer SX-1050, Pioneer SX-1250, Pioneer SX-1980, Sansui 1000A, Sansui 8080, Sansui Eight, Sansui G-9000DB, Sansui QR-6500, Sansui QRX-6500, Scott 340B, Trio W-40, Yamaha R-900

Reel To Reel Tape Decks - Akai GX-220D, Akai GX-255, Akai GX-266D, Akai GX-280D-SS, Fostex Model 20, Pioneer RT-707, Pioneer RT-901, Pioneer RT-1011L, Teac 3300S, Teac A-2300SD, Teac A-2340, Teac X-10R, Teac X-1000, Teac X-1000R

Signal Processors - Crown OC 150A, Pioneer RG-1, Pioneer RG-2

Speakers - Bose 301, Bose 901 II, Bose 901 IV, Cerwin-Vega VS-120

Tuners - Marantz 10B, Marantz 23, Mcintosh MR-65B, Mcintosh MR-77, Phase Linear 5100, Sansui TU-717

Turntables - Dual 1226, Marantz 6170, Technics SL-D5

Repair And Restoration Videos - Akai GX-220D, Marantz 2500, Teac X-1000R

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