Nakamichi 1000P Restoration

Nakamichi was known mostly for their cassette decks but they built a few outstanding digital products.

Thick aluminum up to 3/16 of an inch thick as well as solid copper and heavy copper plate throughout the chassis for electromagnetic shielding..

The workmanship and the attention to detail of this Nakamichi 1000P would rival most of the high end stereo equipment of today but it should......

This Nakamichi 1000P digital audio processor was $6000 in 1989! That's a lot of coin in 1989. Only 25 different dealers sold this unit in the USA.

Along with excellent workmanship the Nakamichi 1000P was engineered with the future in mind. All assemblies have plugin connectors for easy removal.

The picture below shows the bottom of the Nakamichi digital audio processor. Two aluminum covers are removed for access to the power supply.

With both covers removed you can now see the power supply as well as the artwork side of one of the assemblies.

The power supply assembly will come out easily to replace capacitors or other components as all connections are plugin types.

The back panel of the Nakamichi 1000P DAC has inputs for three digital devices as well as one analog. Analog outputs are both fixed and variable.

Both balanced and unbalanced connectors are available. In addition removing two screws will allow you to remove any module for service.

The front panel of the Nakamichi 1000P is attractive and includes bit rate indicators, meters, and headphone capability.

Source, record and output level controls are included. You can use the 1000P as a DAC or as a preamp and hook it's analog output to a power amp.

After cleaning up the Nakamichi 1000P I have reinstalled the bottom and top aluminum covers.

The Nakamichi 1000P sounds good on the test bench and it's ready for some music. This Nakamichi 1000P digital audio processor restoration is complete.