Nakamichi Dragon Repair And Restoration

This Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck is in pretty good cosmetic shape if not perfect.

I have removed the top cover to just eyeball the unit before I power it up. It's always a good idea to look before you apply power.

The tape path of this Nakamichi Dragon tape deck is very clean.

I've powered up the Nakamichi Dragon and I'll do some basic testing to see what's working and what isn't.

This dragon cassette deck seems to record fine and the transport is quiet.

The playback also sounds good to the ears so now I'll do some measurement testing on the test bench.

This Nakamichi Dragon has some outstanding specifications and we will see how close this unit is to the factory specs.

I have my wow and flutter meter on it's most sensitive range. This Nakamichi Dragon ran well within specs.

The Dragon is one of the most complicated cassette decks ever built and I've never worked on one so I'm hoping I don't have to do much.

I'll use some alignment tapes made for Nakamichi cassette decks and see what my Sound Technology 1510A has to say.

This cassette deck tests out fine. Sometimes the best restoration is no restoration at all. This Nakamichi Dragon repair and restoration is complete.